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 به اطلاع میرساند که دانشکده مهندسی صنایع دانشگاه صنعتی شریف در سال تحصیلی 1391 - 1392متقاضی جذب یا  بورسیه نمودن دانشجویان دکتری  نمی باشد. داوطلبین استخدام در این دانشکده پس از اخذ مدرک دکتری تخصصی در رشته مهندسی صنایع و در گرایشهای مورد نیاز دانشکده نسبت به ارسال مدارک اقدام نمایند.

History of  Industrial Engineering Department at Sharif University of Technology
About Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering began in the latter part of the nineteenth century through the efforts of such pioneers as Frederick Taylor and Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. These early industrial engineers were concerned with improving the effectiveness of industrial operations. They made remarkable savings possible through the use of motion and time studies and methods analysis. As industry became more complex, with large scale systems, industrial engineers became involved in the design of production facilities using plant layout procedures. They also were developing quality control plans, which are as important today in providing consumer protection in product purchases. As production processes and facilities expanded, the industrial engineer was responsible for developing and managing productive, safe systems. In the late fifties and in the early sixties, the computer became more versatile, the industrial engineer used the computer to solve larger and complex management problems through such modern science tools as operations research.

Today's industrial engineering graduates are employed by all types of industry to design, improve and install systems (procedures and methods involving the use of man, machine, and materials). For the most part, they are concerned with production , although the analytic fact-finding approach used by these engineers is applicable to almost any business or service enterprise. Among the common functions performed by industrial engineers are the analysis of product design to determine the optimum manufacturing process ; the selection of equipment and design of the equipment layout; the design and installation of systems for controlling production, inventory, quality , or costs ; job design and methods improvement; design of material handling systems; manpower utilization and work measurement and operations research. Industries have found that their managers perform better when they possess a blend of technical engineering knowledge plus a background in management. The industrial engineer has an excellent understanding of these two fields ; technology and management.

The Department of Industrial Engineering at Sharif University of Technology devotes considerable attention to the individual needs of the students. The faculty works extensively with students in such areas as communication skills, personal growth and development, and practical training opportunities. The goal of the department is to develop student strength in technical abilities, personal development, general education, and practical experience.